Benefits of Hiring a Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyer


If you have sustained a workplace injury and are considering whether you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, the answer is dependent upon the severity of your injury and the total complexity of your case. Here are some of the most important benefits of hiring a Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer.


One of the most important benefits of having a workers’ comp lawyer at is the fact that there is sure to be a lawyer working on the other side of the case. The insurance agency that is meant to pay out your claim, if approved, will have a lawyer assigned to the case and that lawyer will be working hard to find issues with your case. If you do not have someone who is experienced and skilled on your own side, it is very likely that you will lose – even when you have a rightful claim. Make sure that you do not take the risk of going into this process by yourself by hiring someone who has the knowledge and experience you require.

Obtain Maximum Benefits

Do not presume that your employer will do what is right by you.  Typically, your employer has little influence in your treatment or compensation, but an insurance agency (your employer’s insurance agency) will hire adjusters and nurses to deal with your case. It is these people’s job to ensure that you are back at work as quickly and cheaply as possible, no matter if you are completely recovered or not. Your workers’ compensation lawyer’s job is to get you back to a fully functional life as quickly as possible with the maximum benefits that are entitled to. There is a good possibility that you will receive more money, even after you pay your lawyer’s fees, if you hire a Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer at immediately after you suffer from a serious injury.

Protect Your Rights

When you are communicating directly with the adjuster on your own, you may not be aware what your rights are under the relevant Missouri employment laws.  For instance, you may be informed that you cannot claim compensation because you had a pre-existing condition, or you may be sent to the company doctor for various “independent” medical tests, or have a nurse case manager assigned to your case who impedes your relationship with your doctor.  Hiring a lawyer helps ensure that the insurance company will not treat you unfairly or violate your rights and interests.


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